We Want To Know You

Find a Sales Pro Wants You!

You don't hear that as much anymore. Why not? The truth is great sales people are tremendously undervalued, even in times of economic challenges which quite frankly, we are tired of hearing about.

You know you are worth more than what you see out there, perhaps it is time to consider more of a creative approach to your career search?

Have you considered working within the recruitment industry? We are a boutique style recruitment firm specializing in placing top calibre sales professionals. We love what we do and understand that our success lies within the team we build.

We feel it is only fair to warn you that it is hard work, extremely client focused, requires a consultative approach so you have to be a great communicator, you have to love having fun and donít mind earning significant compensation well beyond industry norms.

The ideal background suited for success in this industry is based upon a pure passion to sell and ultimately fulfilling your clientís needs. A strong sales history boasting great successes will serve you well to start. Significant experience in sales leadership and all the hiring, coaching and support that goes with it is ideal. Are you experienced directly within the recruitment industry? Well, then we like you already!

Sound OK? By now you probably have some questions. So drop us a line, we would like to hear your story. We are great listeners (you have to be, perhaps I should have mentioned that too!)