Knowing the right fit

The 'Find A Sales Pro' Advantage represents our ability in capturing strong performing candidates time and time again. We facilitate our process to uncover what you need in performance and ultimately you select the "best fit."

We have a proven system that works, we guarantee it far beyond the industry standard.

Our market research shows that business owners and hiring managers are frustrated with their recruiting practices when looking for better sales people to join their team.

The 5 biggest hiring frustrations include:

1. Too busy to recruit top sales talent properly
2. Don't like the recruitment process at all
3. Don't know how to attract the right sales person
4. Some prior sales people have not worked out costing lost time and money
5. There is a lack of internal experience in recruiting the right salesperson(s)

If you have experienced any of these "pain profiles" – you are not alone. The process of interviewing, hiring, training and suddenly losing salespeople is a costly one, which can be up to 28 times compensation*. In addition to the high direct cost of salespeople, the cost of lost business opportunities is higher.

If you wish to fully explore the potential of your ultimate sales force or leadership directive, please complete the following profile form. This form will help us to understand your needs better and will help us to get working for you.

*Reference: Dr. Bradford D. Smart, PhD; Publication TOPGRADING, Chapter 3 The Astronomical Costs of Mis-Hires

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